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Monocular nightvision Gals MN23
night sight attachments install in front of day riflescope objective or other optical device. Attachments have small weight, that allows fix them directly on day riflescope objective Night attachments using scheme provides the best quality of the image, big range of detection and recognition, than use of universal devices day/night and night devices behind an eyepiece of a day sight.
Technical characteristics Gals MN23:
Generation of the tube 2+ (3)
Visible magnification, X :1x
Angle field of view, degree 12
Objective lens type:lencse
Objektív lencse fokális hossza,mm80
Objective lens focal length, mm 1:1,5
Objective lens diameter, mm: 52
Focus limit, m: 8......∞
Exit pupil diameter, mm 24
Power source, voltage CR123A,3 В
Operating time if powered by one battery, hoursnot less than 60
Possibility to mount to the objective o the day sight Yes
Dimensions (length x width x height), mm 215х64х74
Weight, kg 0,41
Operating temperature range, °С -30...+50