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SIGHTS night vision - by the relevant Hungarian Laws these can not be used for civil purposes (only military or police is permitted)
Series «Gals NS» - a hunting rifle scopes of night vision with optimal optical-mechanical and ergonomic features on the EOR 1, 1+, 2+, 3 generation. Characterized by high accuracy and reliability. Have a metal casing, built in infrared illuminator, adjustable brightness reticle type «Mil Dot», mount the installation of hinged lighting, the use of all types of smooth and rifled weapons.
NS01 (GEN 1)
as all the sights produced by “GalsOptics”, it is designed in an aluminum light alloy case to ensure durability, reliability and simplicity in use. It is equipped with ‘power on/off’ and ‘low battery’ indicators. It has an ergonomic (internal) focused lens on the range, built-in IR - illuminator. The design allows its operation under shock loads of 500G which corresponds to the cartridge of the initial energy of a bullet up to 6000 joules. The types of rails offered by the firm can adapt the sight on various kinds and brands of hunting weapon.
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NS03 (GEN 1+)
is a reliable sight with a solid-metal case, ‘power on/off’ and ‘low battery’ indicators, aiming mark “Mil Dot” type with regulated brightness. The built-in IR – illuminator adjustable to the angle of the light beam provides a range of vision and aiming of 450 meters in very low light.
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NS11 (GEN 1+)
compared with NS03, is distinguished by high-quality optics that improves consumer properties of the sight, such as: image quality, range of vision and recognition, accuracy of aiming.
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NS21 (GEN 2+/3)
is compact, low profile, lightweight and modern. A solid-metal case. High-quality optics. Microprocessor-controlled modes of operation, low power consumption, ‘power on/off’ and ‘low battery’ indicators. Built-in IR – illuminator. Branded red aiming mark “Mil Dot” type with regulated brightness. It can be used with any kinds of hunting rifled or smooth-bore barrels.
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NS22 (GEN 2+/3)
is a professional hunting sight. The optimal combination of price and quality. It is available with two 4X and 6X lenses with internal focus. It can be equipped with light overload protection, a cartridge of dewatering, input to fill with dry air or nitrogen, a socket for remote power supply. There are ‘power on/off’ and ‘low battery’ indicators, a rail to fasten an additional powerful infra-red illuminator. It is adaptable to any type of hunting weapon.
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